A Plan to Move Central Florida Forward

Allie firmly believes in helping others find their purpose and sees potential in people from all walks of life. He is committed to focusing on local issues, including:

Investing in our public schools. Allie knows that a high quality education gives our kids the best shot at a bright future. He’ll get the politics out of our classrooms and focus on student success. He knows that our kids learn best when we pay our teachers competitive wages to keep class sizes small so students can get the attention they need.
Keeping our drinking water clean. Keeping Florida’s drinking water clean is essential to our economy and community. Allie knows that when our state struggles to contain, red tide, algae blooms, pollution, and the impacts of natural disasters our communities suffer. Allie will hold corporate polluters accountable and work to build partnerships between state governments and businesses to reduce runoff into our drinking water.
Ensure financial success is in reach for everyone. Ensuring financial success for members of our community means working to keep prices affordable, providing the training needed to help people continue to grow in their career, and investing in our infrastructure to provide jobs and new opportunities. Allie’s plan has three core elements:
Increasing the supply of workforce housing to lower living costs. Allie knows that affordable housing is out of reach for far too many people in our community. As a legislator Allie will fight against the raids on the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund. He’ll fight to expand options for housing through public-private partnerships and getting state government and local governments to work together to increase supply.
Supporting workforce training in trade professions. As Florida’s population continues to grow these jobs are essential to keeping our economy growing.
Invest in Infrastructure. As Florida continues to grow we need to increase our infrastructure to support this growth, ensure our water stays clean, and build climate resilient communities
Making Central Florida the friendliest place for military service members and their families. As a Marine Corps veteran Allie knows firsthand the sacrifice of service members and their families. Allie’s plan to help make Florida a welcoming place for service members who are transitioning into civilian life includes focusing on job creation by partnering with industries in Central Florida, workforce enrichment, health and wellness, legal and financial services and benefits for veterans. Moreover, he knows Florida must make substantial progress on reducing homelessness among veterans.
Supporting the small businesses that make up the backbone of our communities. Allie has worked for some of Florida’s largest corporations and owns his own company. He knows what it takes to move Florida’s economy forward. As a member of the legislature he’ll work to invest in small businesses which are the backbone of our economy especially as our economy continues to recover from the effects of COVID.